Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trendy Vintage Fashions

A week or so ago I had the opportunity to do a shoot for an upcoming clothing company called Trendy Vintage Fashions. It was so much fun working with Shelly to get these pictures done! The clothing is adorable, I may have to get a few things! Here's a few shots from the shoot. Check out the blog for price details and more pictures...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun in the Sun

A week ago Brian, Ellah and I went to Carlsbad, CA. We have some friends who invited us (thanks guys!) to stay for part of the week in their beach house. We made some good memories and really enjoyed spending some time away from work and the Arizona heat! Ellah was so cute and LOVED the waves and playing in the sand. As for Brian and I who, doesn't love the beach?! We even got some family pictures, thanks to Bri who got me the perfect birthday presents to make that possible!

HIGHLIGHT of the TRIP: It's kind of a you had to be there moment but I'll share it anyways. The 3 of us went to Scripps Aquarium one afternoon in LaJolla. They have a little rock outside with pools of water. The little pools of water had little play crabs, star fish, lobsters, fish, etc. for the kids to pick up and play with. They did look real but they were just pretend. Anyways Ellah was scared to death of them. Every time a kid would pick one up and stand next to her she jumped so far back. She wouldn't take her eyes off of them. Eventually, after about 10 minutes or so she got up the courage to pick one up but she would hurry and thrown it back down as soon as she grabbed it. Honestly, like I said you probably had to be there, but it was one of the funniest things I've seen. I wish I'd had it on video.

Here's some a few pictures that we got...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 Family Shoots Last Week

Last week was fun and busy for me! Not only was it such a fun week (see previous post...) but I also had the opportunity to do 2 family shoots.

Here are a few pictures from my first shoot for Greer (Molly's mom). Aren't Sydney, Alex and Bo (the kiddos) adorable?! I think so and I'm not just biased because they're my nieces and nephew, they're so cute, even though they wanted to run all over the place!

A few days later Sally asked me to do a shoot of her family (i.e. brothers, sisters and dad). All 5 siblings plus her dad were in town and they needed some pictures done... They're such a good looking bunch and were so easy going with with the whole process even in the 110 degree weather!

I had to post this picture too... It was so funny Ellah usually never wants me to take pictures of her but as soon as she saw Ruby and Kate (the two adorable girls above) hamming it up for the camera, she was ready to strut her stuff too. Here's Ellah trying to do a "modeling pose"...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a FUN week!

This was such a fun, exciting and perfect week! Here are a few of the highlights

Monday: I got a NEW CAR to drive!!! Are you kidding, I didn't know that cars actually have ipod hook-ups, drive in automatic, tell you the outside temperature along with your estimated MPG... I have been driving a 97' purple Toyota Corolla for 11 years now!! Since I was 16. Luckily, I don't have to say goodbye to Miss Corolla completely though because this is now Brian's "new" car. I feel kind of bad that he's stuck driving it but we just can't get rid of her. She has been through so much with me... driving through fresh tar, numerous tickets, an accident (driving in the front seat with another girlfriend together), driving back and forth from Boise time and time again... She has 150,000 miles on her and runs perfect other than an oil change here and there... My new ride is an 09' Scion XB! love it! It gets awesome gas mileage and still drives like a smaller car (which I love!) so I can easily zip around.

TUESDAY: Tuesday was my birthday! It was a PERFECT day! Thank you so, so, so much for all the nice cards, gifts, calls and everything it meant sooo much! I feel so blessed to have so many close friends and family in my life.
A group of my girlfriends took my to brunch at Crackers, then off to get pedicures and ended wtih a perfect shopping trip at the mall. You know it's a good day when you find the perfect shirt at the mall and it rings up Way Less than you were expecting! Yeah I got my favorite find (shirt) of the day for $5! Later that night I just couldn't leave Ellah with a babysitter at night too... She was so excited to celebrate with me so Brian was so cute him and Ellah made me lemon bars (one of my favs!) and a cute card. We ordered pizza and all hung out together it was perfect! Not to mention Brian got me an external Flash for our camera and a super nice tripod so we can get some good fam. pictures now!

My hottie husband

The bedtime routine... yeah, sometimes I wish I could still feed Ellah a bottle just because it's so fun to cuddle her close...

WEDNESDAY: Brian finished his summer school final and has a couple weeks off from school!

Thursday: visited Brian's parents

Friday: Another Fabulous day! My amazing sister-in-law, Molly, had Ellah over for a sleepover!! Ellah was SOOO EXCITED that she wouldn't go down for her nap even. I took Ellah over @ noon and we didn't pick her up until Saturday @ 2:00! It was great! I missed her so much and worried on how she would do. To my complete relief, Molly said that all 3 girls slept together and were in bed by 8:30! Amazing! I was so glad to hear that! Brian and I went out to eat at Carrabbas and walked through some stores. Then we just came home and stayed up super late! It was so nice being able to wake up whenever I wanted to.

Saturday: Brian and I decided to pull out our raquet ball raquets that we purchased when we were dating. We played a few games of raquet ball and felt like we were getting heat stroke! Brian beat me almost 11-0 every game but I am improving...
Later that day we picked up Ellah and just hung out at home. We couldn't wait to see her! Brian and Ellah danced the night away in our family room!

What a perfect week! (not to mention two new photoshoots that I had fun doing! pictures to come soon...)