Monday, December 29, 2008

Elainy Evans

Below is my new little niece Lainy. You might remember her hospital pictures from a month or so ago. She is such a teenie tiny little thing and just perfect in every way! I did this shoot for my sister, Laura, when Lainy was about 2 weeks old. She's almost 7 weeks now! It's amazing how fast time flies and how fast these little babes grow!

My other sister, Rachel, is incredibly talented and designed this adorable little tutu for Lainy along with several baby cocoons. She has a blog where she will be selling her stuff coming soon called It Zwibbles.

And of course I had to throw one of Ellah on here since she was playing with Lainy's brother and sister while we did the pictures...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ellah Lu

My little Ellah Lu recently just celebrated her 3rd birthday! She is growing up so fast! Honestly, I don't know where the time has gone. (I think the older you get the quicker life goes on...). I can still, so fresh and vividly, remember the day she was born. I will never forget my most precious moment with her. There were so many family and friends with their ears pressed against the door during the birth process, it was so exciting! I loved having the ones I cared most about at the hospital to celebrate the birth of my little babe and to hear her first cries. But my favorite moment with her, that I will never forget, was when everyone left, including Brian who had gone home to shower. They had moved me to a more "permanent" room and I was exhausted. Ellah was being cleaned in the nursery and I was all alone in the room. I knew I should take the opportunity of being to get some rest but I wanted to see this little babe who just arrived straight from heaven a little too much. I pushed my call button and asked the nurses to bring her into me. When they brought her in I laid her on my chest. It was just her and I alone in the room. I cried. I felt so in love with this little girl and so grateful that she would be mine forever. I still feel this way. I'm so proud of her and all of her little accomplishments that are in reality so big!
I haven't had a chance to do her official 3 year old photo shoot yet but these were taken recently and show so much of her personality...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vennard Family

A few weeks back I did a session with the adorable Vennard family. Honestly, they have the best baby ever! She didn't even cry or get fussy one time throughout our whole session together and she was even sick too! What a trooper. They're such a loving family. I had such a good time doing pictures with them! Here's a few pictures from our afternoon...

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Session wtih LOTS of Barking...From the Photographer

A couple weeks back I did a session for BFF's sister and brother-in-law, Sara and Chance. They're such a good looking couple with just the two of them but they decided to include their good looking family members as well. They wanted shots with their two dogs and new little Pug puppies before they were sold off. I do have to admit that it was a new experience for me and I never new how well I could bark!! It was really cute though actually because all I would have to say is (after I barked of course to get their attention) "do you like to swim?," or "do you want to go on a walk?," or "do you want a treat?" and the all the dogs would look right up at the camera, too cute!
Here's a sneak peak of our session together:

I love how both the dogs are watching Sarah kiss chance on the cheek, too cute!!

Check out that tongue that hangs out. I love it!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Scrumptious Little Guy!

The Lee's have such a scrumptious little guy. He's so adorable and just like a little man! I loved the bright colors "mom" picked out for the family, it looked great! Their little one did amazing until the very end of the session when he'd had enough! Apparently, I got to view his first major tantrum! Luckily we were basically through with pictures and I still think he's so dang cute! I see plenty of tanrums DAILY in my house!

Here's a little preview of our session together...

By the way, thank you to the Horne's for referring the Lee's! You're awesome!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Bitter Sweet Day

My little Ellah Lu started her first day of preschool today! It's bitter because she is growing up so fast and it makes me so sad. I love that tiny body but it just keeps getting bigger these past couple of months. But of course it is a sweet day too for many reasons (i.e. she gets to learn, I get a break, she gets out of the house...). Ellah is the youngest one in her little preschool class so she was invited to attend on a "trial basis". She passed the test today! Miss Heidi said that she she was amazed at how well Ellah did! I'm so proud of my Ellah Girl!

Monday, December 1, 2008

His Uninvited Friends Are NOT ALLOWED Again!

Above is our cat, Lloyd. Lloyd got in big trouble over the weekend. On Saturday morning Ellah and I ran to the store. I left the garage door open while we were gone. Well when we came home I heard some growling and hissing so i went to inspect what Lloyd was up to. Low and behold there was another cat in our house, a big orange and white one (if you're the owner I'm dying to know who you are!).... Anyways I'll try to shorten this dramatic story but after about ten mintues of hissing I shoved a broom underneath the bed to get the cat out. Lloyd's friend came running out and ran all the up our blinds, scratching them all up and POOPING, Yes Pooping as he did. Brian got out of bed to find out what was going on at this point. Lloyd's friend starting running all around the house, like an animal with rabis. Keep in mind that everywhere he his running he is dripping poop ALL OVER (disgusting I know). He ran up a shelf in our kitchen and blinds in our kichen scratching both and knocked over 2 vases and broke them. By this point Ellah and are were hiding in the pantry. Brian wouldn't even go near the thing. Ellah couldn't stop narrating the scenario, well she couldn't stop talking period really. She kept saying, "My brother is NOT allowed to have friends over again." Finally the cat walked out the back door and we cleaned up poop all over the house for the next 45 minutes. It was traumatic. So beware about leaving doors open!

The Hamblins

I had another fun family session with the Hamblins. They're such a cute family, they remind me of newlyweds!...with the addition of an adorable little girl in the mix, of course! Here's a few pics. from our session together...