Saturday, January 31, 2009

Liberty, Brixon, Ellah

Earlier this week I had a craving to be creative which, for me means getting out my camera. My sister and I loaded the kids up in the car and took them out to the fields to play and capture some great memories! I love these three kiddos, they're so spunky and full of life! It's a little bit of a picture overload but I couldn't resist!

This is one of my favorite shots. I just love the clouds in the sky and all the color and the kids too!

I LOVE his big bluberry eyes!

I love these next two pictures. You'd never believe it if you saw them together now but Libby and Ellah used to have the hardest time getting along. Now they're best girlyfriends

Laura is always talking about how Libby loves giving her mom, teachers, whoever flowers. I love how happy she is as she's giving this "bouquet" to her mom.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had the chance to photograph my lil sis Rachel not too ago. She is so beautiful! Over the past couple of years she has really struggled with her health. She was able to have a surgrey close to a year ago now that has turned her life around. A year ago today she couldn't even stand up, wash her own hair or go through every minute of the day without feelign pain, things have changed dramatically!! It really has been a miracle. I am confident that she is to the point where she is now because of her faith first and then her unbelievable courage and determination. There isn't anything Rachel can't overcome, she is really an amazing example. She is extremely talented and creative and she is the best Auntie to her neices and nephews! I love you Rachey! Oh by the way, if you know any good looking and cool guys hook her up!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Married to a Genius

I really am! I don't think there's anything Brian can't figure out, fix, conquer...He's the best! I love him so much! My computer has been having so many issues running. Bri took a day off work last week from work to try and figure out the problem for me, 48 hours later he found and got rid of a horrrbile virus that was on the computer slowing things down (A virus that could have completely ruined the whole computer all together). The coming week things were still lagging and running slow. Bri took another day off work yesterday to work on it for me. After 14 hours straight of not really even taking a break my computer is running faster than ever! He's a genuius I'm telling you! I don't know how he does it or has the patience to stick through with stuff like this. I feel incredibly blessed to be married to him. I love that he does this stuff for me too! I don't know what I would do without him. I love you Bri you're the best ever!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year, New Website and Photo Session Special

I know it's not the greatest way to start out wishing everyone a happy new year 3 weeks after the new year has started but...we are! Happy New Year's to all of our friends and family and fellow blogging bluddes! We look forward to a fabulous 2009!

I wanted to start out the New Year with a change. So since photography is my passion that's where I've started. I got a new website!! I have aspirations of growing as a photographer this coming year and look forward to what it will bring!

My new website is the same url

Also, I wanted to start the New Year out with a photo special! Anyone who books a session between now and the end of January will receive a $30 ala carte print credit!

Happy New Year Again! Here's our family Christmas Card this year. We finally started the funny family letter tradition. Brian was the composer of this year's family Christmas letter that we mailed out and I think we'll keep it that way next year too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Belly Session

I had a belly session a while back with Jessica and John. They are an adorable couple! I love how in love with this baby they already are. They're such an easy going couple and will be amazing parents. Jessica is so beautiful! I had a really hard time choosing which pictures to post. Here's what I ended up with!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Ham!

This is Ellah posing for the camera. She has seen me taking pictures of other people so often that she's come up with a whole slew of her own poses. Brian just found a little disposable camera the other evening and gave it to Ellah. She's been walking around the house since with it telling us exactly how to stand and position our bodies. She told me that she wants to be a "photographer too." Love that little gal!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Williams Family

So I'm a little behind on posting. The holidays were so busy. It's a bitter/sweet time of year (I hope you can relate). I think the older you get the more commitments you have and it makes things hectic. But...I do love being busy and it's been fun all the while! I'm looking forward to fabulous 2009. Stayed tuned in the next couple of weeks for some changes!!
So on to pictures...
Below are pictures of the Williams Family. You might remember their adorable little daugther from her newborn shoot I did a few months back. She is already getting so big! It was fun being able to capture the three of them together! I loved that they dressed up for their Christmas pictures, so classy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Beautiful Lady

My great grandma Reed passed away last week. She was 97 years old and so it was her time. I will miss her, she was a special grandma. I always remember having sleepovers with her and my grandpa when I was a little girl. We'd stay up late and play games, they loved playing games! We would always have ice-cream too. I remember several times going to plays with both of them and they never missed any of the concerts I was involved in with school. Grandma always liked to present herself well by always having her and make-up done and dressing nice, she was a classy lady. She was always very polite.

A few years back Grandma was put into a nursing home. Since it wasn't too far away from our home Ellah and I would try and visit her every week or so. Every time we went to the fruit and veggie store we would be sure and make a visit to grandma. Ellah loved to visit grandma Reed too. I think they could understand each other in a way I couldn't understand. I remember one time we went to visit, Ellah climbed up on her lap and grandma kissed her on the for head and said, "we're in love, aren't we?" Too cute. She always remembered Ellah's name, even though she would sometimes confuse me for someone else as she aged. Grandma loves sweets so every time Ellah and I would visit we would be sure and bring something sweet to share with Grandma. Ellah Lu would always be the one to feed and share our treat with grandma.

I don't think that Ellah fully understands that Grandma Reed is not at the nursing home anymore. After I found out that grandma had passed away I went and tried to explain to Ellah. She was so sweet she said, "yes mom now we can only visit her with Jesus." "Mom I think grandma can walk now." "Mom I think Grandma can eat her favorite cake now." I don't know where she came up with some of this stuff but I think it's so sweet. We both loved Grandma Reed.

The last time I brought my camera to the nursing home was on Halloween. Ellah wanted to paint Grandma Reed a pumpkin and bring it to her. Grandma had this pumpkin sitting next to her bed all the way up until just before Christmas. We love Grandma and will think about her often, every time we got to the fruit and veggie store we will remember our visits.