Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Can Anyone be so Busy?!

Honestly, Ellah is my favorite girl in the whole wide world but how in the world can her mind keep going and going. I think it's developing SUPER fast right now!!! It has to be with how busy she is! She can hardly sleep at night lately because she's so excited about something, just life in general even :). Last night she woke up 4 times?! What??? Do I have a newborn again?? She told me she didn't like to go to sleep and asked me if she could watch TV on the couch. As appealing as that sounded, instead of getting up with her again and again, I knew better than to do that. Let her do it once and she would be getting up EVERY night to watch TV. If only I could be blessed with an ounce of her zest and energy I think I could get every project crossed off my list in one week!! I love her she's the best even when I can't catch up with her!

Yesterday Brian, Ellah and I went exploring Arizona a little. It was a lot of fun. We went out by the Superstition Mountains. I had no idea, but there's a whole little ghost town, restaurants, museums, trails and everything out there. It was so much fun! Here's a few pictures from our outing...

Brian got this shot of this old church. I think it's known as the "Elvis Chapel"

Can you believe how green the desert is right now! I love to see all that green!
P.S. Don't be fooled in this picture by Ellah sitting still with her head on Bri's lap that picture was caught while she was in motion :). Just kidding, she's actually really sweet and gives the best hugs ever!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Came in the Mail Yesterday!!!!

I am SO SUPER EXCITED about my new addition that arrived in the mail yesterday! I've been waiting and waiting....and waiting since September (before it was even released), the new Canon 24mm 1.4 II lens (click here to check it out). I really lucked out because these little guys aren't easy to come by right now since they've just recently been released. We checked 10 online photo stores before Brian found found one available. He put in the order and from New York to Gilbert it's finally here!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cochell Family

So back in December while my parents, lil sis and lil brother were in town we did some family pictures. I never posted these so I thought I would. I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous. My parents ordered several hundred dollars in prints. I had the prints sent directly to their home in Texas and so I still haven't seen them! One of my favorite things is viewing my client's prints when they come in. I love seeing them printed out large it's so fun! I can't wait to check out our photos when I make it back to Texas again (hopefully soon :))!

The next pictures are pictures of our whole family, spouses, grandkids, everyone

This is my immediate family

This is the family that still lives at home (in Texas)

The boys

The girls...and one boy


My dad with his girls (I love my dad's jolly smile in this pictures, it's so him)

My brother and his wife

My sister's family

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is a simple, fun tag...find the 6th folder, 6th album, 6th picture on your is mine...thanks Sally for tagging me...

This picture is from last summer just playing in the backyard!

I tag:

1. Donnie
2. Molly
3. April
4. Brandi
5. Lindsey
6. Amy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ruby & Sadie

Not only are the two little girls below some of of the most adorable little gals, they're also our good friends and neighbors! We moved into our houses about a two weeks apart from each other and have been close friends since! Ellah, age wise, is right smack in the middle of both but loves playing with both Ruby and Sadie and I love hanging out with their mom! Here's some pics. from a recent shoot with the two girlie's.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Perfect Reminder

"Concentration is the secret of strength."
Ralph Waldo Emerson