Saturday, March 28, 2009

Newborn Session

You may remember baby Maya's beautiful parents from the belly session we did together back in December. It was so fun meeting their new little gem! She is perfect and precious in every way! I love newborns, there is nothing more sweet and perfect in the whole world! And...Jessical and John are already amazing parents! Here's a few pictures from our session together...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Age of Innocence

I love and dislike the "saying it like it is" phase with Ellah. I love to hear her complete and honest observations of people or situations which are generally very true but dislike the embarrassment and awkwardness it sometimes causes me. Today we had to run a few errands, one of which was the post office. We proceeded to check in our package, pay and wait for our receipt. The line behind us started to grow. Ellah was standing and hugging my leg as we waited. She turned around and suddenly spotted "Mickey Mouse." I turned around and and saw a tall pretty girl with long dark hair wearing hot pink sun glasses and a little pink mini skirt. Apparently Ellah thought she recognized her. She was smiling at Ellah and I so I smiled back. I could barely make out what Ellah was saying until she progressively said it louder each time, "Mom, hey mom, mommy LOOK, LOOK THERE'S MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!" I had definitely heard her by this point, I don't know who didn't, but I was trying to ignore it and leave the post office as soon as possible! My passionate little Ellah would not leave until I acknowledged her comment and then she was perfectly content with moving on with our day.
I'm pretty sure she meant to say Minnie Mouse anyways...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tindall Family

I love this family! Maybe, because my super close and best friend Donnie is a part of it! Donnie and I have a history together...really! We lived in Idaho together while attending Boise State, then Utah togehter and attended UVSC and when we finally moved back to AZ we both went to ASU. We had pretty much every single class together during these years at college and graduated the same time (standing next to each other even though our names didn't line up aphebetically) with a degree in Nutrition from ASU. It's hard to believe that was over 4 years ago!! So when Donnie mentioned doing family pictures, of course I wanted to! Plus, aren't they a family of models?? They're all so good loooking!

You might recongize Chance and Sara from an earlier shoot , back in December, with their puppies

And you might reconogize Donnie as one of the models for Vintage Bliss

I had a hard time chooseing wich ones to post...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vintage Bliss Spring Looks!

I recently did shoot for Vintage Bliss. If it's been a while since you've checked out their clothing, check it out! They have a new website where you can order everything online! Plus, there are several new items. Here's just a few pictures of the latest below. Check out the website for more! New jeans coming soon too!

Like always, aren't these two ladies hotties?!

6 Years Later and...We're Still in Love!

Friday, Brian and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! It's hard to believe that we've already been married for 6 years! Thanks to the best sister ever, the two of us were able to go alone up to our families cabin in Payson. It was so much fun! (well the first 1/2 was...). When we first arrived we realized that we had the wrong key, bummer. Finally, Brian found a tiny little bathroom window that he was able to pry open with his key. He hoisted me through feet first and I skinnied through, what a relief! Honestly, I think we slept a TON while we were up there. It was so nice to not have any responsibilities. We brought Brian's quad and gun. I love riding on my hubby's quad and being able to hold on so tight to him! I know, these are such boy activities but it was a lot of fun. I honestly had so much anxiety about going on in the middle of no where though. I was sure that we were either going to be surrounded by a group of venomous snakes, a pack of mountain lions, a family of black bears or wild pigs. I had so much anxiety over this and then to top it off thinking about who would have to raise Ellah after we were devoured by these animals. Brian told me I was all stressed about this silly stuff because I must not have been exposed to the forest and outdoors enough as a kid. Who knows maybe?! The good news, we made it back with out a single bit or animal siting and had an awesome time!

We enjoyed the rest of the day and evening too until...about 1:00am rolled around and I started barfing. Are you kidding me? Of all times to get sick. Actually, if I had to choose a time to get sick it was probably good because I actually had a chance to sleep a TON without having a little gal to take care of. It's amazing how much faster you get better when you're a mom because I swear as soon as we got Ellah the next day I had no choice but to be helping her with things.

I love my Brian! He's the best! It was so much fun to get away for a night, even if I was sick. He is my best friend and my forever love! I have so much fun with him and feel so lucky to be married to him!

So I'm sad I didn't take a single picture of our adventure so here's one of Ellah and her cousin she stayed with while we were away because a post cannot fully be a post with out a picture!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tate and Brady

I'll let you guess which one is which! A few weeks ago their mom contacted me to do a shoot of "just" her boys, which I was so super excited about! With their daddy being an NFL player and their mom involved in sports too it's no wonder why their little guy was so active doing "boy" activities! We did this shoot at their house and tried to get their kids just being themselves. Honestly, these two boys are so super cute and it was so easy to see just how crazy their parents are about them! They're an adorable little family! It was really hard narrowing down pics...I had so many. Here's a few to share!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dodge & Vega Attorneys at Law

Last week I had the opporunity of doing a shoot for Ben Dodge and Bacho Vega. These two attorney's needed to update their profile pictures. We did a mini shoot and came out with some great photos (they were great at posing!). If you're in need of any legal counseling/work check out their website! They're both very honest and super friendly guys!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Many Girls!!

Girls seem to run in the family! I have 9 little nieces and they are all so dang cute! Plus, they're so cooperative for picture time with their "favorite" :) auntie Camille.