Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Yesterday!...Especially to my Mom!

Yesterday was a perfect mothers day! I got to sleep in, Ellah and Brian brought me breakfast in bed, a handmade bracelet, a bouquet of flowers picked from our house (Ellah's choice), and the best picture ever of Ellah and I picking flowers together. Ellah was so excited to do all of this and that's the best ever to watch, I felt spoiled by a 3 year old!

I'm so grateful for my own mom and for all the good memories she has given me!
Memories of My Mom Growing Up...

Spontaneous-I remember my mom would always get a crazy fun idea in her head like going to Disney Land in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Out of no where we would get called out of class and our mom and dad would be there to pick us up and take us to Disney Land!

Dogs-My mom loved buying new dogs. I don't think we ever had more than two at a time but it seemed like we went through Tons of pet dogs growing up!

Houses-My mom always something new and adventurous. I think the tally is 20 houses that I lived during my growing up years!! I married someone who lived in the same house his whole life...

Fun- My mom was fun! (If you can't tell from the previous things about her). I remember any time we lived in a 2 story house my mom would cut up a card board box and go sliding down the stairs with us on it!!

Shopping- My mom LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to shop!! Even if it's shopping for someone else and not herself in anyway, she just loves to shop, for anything! Growing up it was so much fun because she would randomly let one of us kids stay home with her and we would spend the entire day shopping and going out to lunch together.

Compassionate- You will never meet someone more compassionate and willing to help a person struggling in need whether physically, mentally or emotionally. My mom will ALWAYS be there to share her love and support no matter what. She LOVES to SERVE others.

Cooking- My mom is the best cook! She always has something good to eat at her house, which is usually a little dangerous but delicious! Th is is an area that I unfortunately didn't inherit from her...

Smarts- My mom is very good in the math, logic area. I always struggled with math and she always knew how to help me figure out the right answer with my homework.

I am so grateful for my mom, she has been such a great example to me! I'm grateful for her easy going personality that is a constant reminder to me to slow down and do something spontaneous! She is the best grandma to Ellah Lu and we love her always and forever!!

Happy Mothers Day!

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